And The Adventure Begins

And The Adventure Begins

Two weeks or so ago I agreed to start babysitting for a friend. And. “Today’s the day the sun is shinning….” -Finding Nemo. We start the first day of babysitting!!! I couldn’t be more excited. Can’t wait to see Zoey’s face when she wakes up to find she has a little playmate over. (-:
I woke up at five am, made my first cup of only two I’m allowed to have of coffee- thank God for coffee it always sets my morning in a good mood.
Read in John 1 was so encouraged by it- and then read in Luke about the Passover and how Jesus gave thanks for the communion he shared with the Disciples. And it just struck me that in just a few hours of that He knew that he was going to go through unimaginable suffering- yet here He was- thanking the Father. “in Everything (every circumstance) give thanks; For this is the will of the God in Christ Jesus for you.”-1Thessalonians 5:18
So today I “give thanks” for a wonderful husband who woke me up at 5am this morning, for coffee which helps me keep my eyes open, for the babysitting job (and the adventure it will be), and for little kids ill be watching with my own precious baby girl ❤ This life of mine is full of amazing blessings!


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