I am blessed!!

Sitting on my couch holding my youngest (pause for a moment to giggle with delight at that statement- my youngest. Hehe I have two babygirls!!! I love it!!!) and feeling really blessed. Not only do I have (in my opinion) the most beautiful baby girls, but I have one amazing husband who has been and is and will be always my rock. He comes home from work and goes to work again by helping cleaning up the house and bringing home supper and taking over the care of one of our beautiful babygirls and sometimes both so I can take a shower. Then he puts Zoey to bed. And in the morning he gives her breakfast so I can sleep in a little longer. Even if he has to be at work at 7:30am. Zoey has been waking up almost as many times as Poet has in the night. And nursing two babies at once- well for me this is new so I feel talented haha! I love my beautiful family and I thank God for them! They are my sanity even when sometimes they seem to be the ones taking it from me :-p I am truly the most blessed girl out there!! Xo I love you so much My Joelove, Zoey baby, and our tiny Poet. My heart is overflowing with the blessing and love of you.

I am blessed!!

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