Random ramblings of a mom who hasn’t had more then two hours of sleep every night for two weeks haha (just giving you a warning before you proceed to read this)

These two weeks have been so so sweet (having Poet finally here completes our little family and its such a joy!!) with a little bit of crazy. praying I can get a routine down this week- for being a spontaneous person with my schedule my entire life- ( the only routine I had was coffee in the morning and work lol) being a mom I really enjoy the every day normal routine lol gotta appreciate the simple things in life… 💜Like being able to go to bed at nine and getting up at seven. But with having a newborn I have to say I do enjoy these late nights with Poet. It’s our time to bond. Can’t wait till Poet is big enough to play with Zoey. Oh Zoey- my beautiful babygirl. The transition for me in having two girlies now has been a little rough for me- not because I don’t enjoy them. It’s not the sleepless nights that have been hard. It’s the feeling I have that I’m not giving Zoey the attention she needs… I miss putting her to bed at night (which daddy does now) and I feel that I’m so new with being a mom of two that I forget or get so busy with them that I forget to enjoy them… Especially Zoey baby. People say that I shouldn’t worry that they will be fine Zoey will be okay and that they won’t even remember this crazy time of adjustment. So why do I feel like what they say is so cliché- I guess it will just take time… And in this present I will just have to do my best… I love these girls with all my heart and I want them to know that. So I guess my prayer is that everything I do in my day for them I do in love and not get impatient with myself or them or get overwhelmed … And hopefully the house will get cleaned and orderly in the process 😋 but if not- that’s okay. Just beware if you are coming over you might end up in the ER. So here I will end my ramblings of a crazy women who loves being a mom yet still finds it all new… And if there is any moms who are out there that feel like every other mom has it together and you just aren’t sure how they do it all and still look like a beautiful women and smell delicious- I’m right there with ya. I get pooped on alot (they have such little bottoms and little diapers to fit them- but somehow they poop more then their weight and size.) and laundry that gets piled up everyday with all those big booms that happen to such cute princess babygirls. Maybe this week when I get organized and routined ill figure out how to be one of those amazing supermoms that I admire and wonder at (-;
Stop laughing— miracles still happen 😊

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. (Matthew 6:33 NLT)

Random ramblings of a mom who hasn’t had more then two hours of sleep every night for two weeks haha (just giving you a warning before you proceed to read this)

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