Lead Me To The Cross Where YOUR Loved Poured Out…

This song is running through my head and is echoing my heart right now…

It’s one of those nights where I am in need of His strength and love more then I realize most of the time. I read a beautiful article awhile back about how Jesus loves you and how you should just rejoice in that and focus on Him and not what others (moms) are saying, living, or accomplishing that I’m not.
Zoey was finishing her supper and I was so busy I didn’t realize till afterwards we didn’t thank God for the blessing of food… And I felt (feel) so guilty for not remembering.

“So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. “(Romans 8:1 NLT)

I pray that as I am experiencing this amazing adventure of being a mom that I can show my beautiful girlies through example how to not go about life rushed but make time for Him… And that when we forget, not to beat ourself over the head with guilt but instead get up and do what is right for the next moment and know that He loves us more then we could imagine (if I love my children more then my own life how much more must He love me…)

I am learning (to me it seems so slowly haha) how to be happy in the mom that I am.

He loves me, and that is enough.

Lead Me To The Cross Where YOUR Loved Poured Out…

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