Our 2nd Anniversary

Our Love Story begins at the end of a dock looking out on beautiful lake Cadillac Michigan.
When he started to hand me the ring box which proceeded to fall into the water and sink and I kinda freaked out cuz fishies like shiny things haha we both left our cellphones in the car so we ran back there to call someone (why idk I even asked Joel Clark if I should call the police haha) i was almost in tears! haha and then I saw this little kid fishing and he had a net so I was about to run to ask him for it when Joel pulled out another ring box and asked me to Marry him (-; ❤

I knew I was in for some crazy wonderful adventure with him and it has been so wonderful filled with lots of crazy love…
We have had tears, and lots of forgiveness, late night talks and long hugs. Quiet nights where we would say nothing and just sit beside each other enjoying one another's presence.
We have had conquered many new parents scares. I love raising our two beautiful girls with him. He always puts a smile on our face and he is always up for silliness… I have been teased and scared more times with him then my whole childhood with five brothers!! It's never a dull moment in the Clark house. I have loved loving him these two amazing years and I am so ready for forever! He is my heart!!


Joel got me a printer that I can send photos from my phone to for my anniversary gift!! Best gift ever!!


Our 2nd Anniversary

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