Happy 2nd Birthday ZuZu Petals


It seems not that faraway that I first held Zoey Reagan in my arms. That day was so amazing- I remember wearing my striped pink knee socks and we had gone into the hospital two times that day for contractions. The hospital was 40 min away. The last time we decided just to go back home and wait even though was a huge grumpy pants and just wanted to stay at the hospital and have this baby girl already lol. It was a Sunday night and The Walking Dead was playing and we waited for it to finish before we decided that we should probably go (I was kinda afraid that they would send me back home again.) but 20 min away from Traverse City Michigan my water broke and from there it seems as though the night just flew by.
And then she was there . She cried when she came out and was instantly calm when laid on my chest- she had tons of dark blackish brown hair and I remember the feeling of love that came over me… It was unlike anything I had felt before and it was overwhelming and beautiful.


Happy 2nd Birthday ZuZu Petals