The beginning of a great adventure

Woke up this morning really excited about Zoey first book club at the library.


Getting the girls ready and fed went smoothly and waiting at the library for story time to start was fun



And then came time to go and sit still with all the other toddlers.
I’m not sure what I expected. But apparently every two year old in that room new how to sit still cross their legs and sing and clap along with the sweet story time lady. Every toddler
that is except mine. Zoey thought that singing isn’t half as fun as sitting at the table where the activities for coloring and such was laid out for after sing song time.  And me suggesting that she sit down and join the other toddlers was met with a melt down.

And so we stayed for a little bit and tried to work it out but we left a little bit afterwards.

I got myself a iced coffee from Starbucks and a bag of jellybeans for zoey and went home to practice our sitting down.

With a little encouragement from some jellybeans we accomplished some sitting down and reading at home.

I don’t want to compare my child to the children in that room. Yes they all sat perfectly still while listening to the teacher read. But this is a new experience for my little Zoey and I know that eventually we will enjoy this story time and learn to love books together all over again.

I left the library feeling a little bit of a failure but then realizing this wasn’t a failure but just the beginning of a adventure.

I have never raised a two year old before and so I am learning a lot with her and I have promised myself I won’t compare her to other two year old so I apologize in advance to those mom’s who kids already know how to sit and listen. We are still learning together and we won’t ever know how until we try

The beginning of a great adventure

One thought on “The beginning of a great adventure

  1. Sharon says:

    I love your words, ‘not a failure, but the beginning of an adventure.’ Thank you for giving me courage again! I don’t think it’s possible as a woman to not compare our kids, our husbands, our bodies, our houses, our tvs or cars… The list just goes on. But what that comparison does to us, we can decide that, to let it launch us forward or hold us down. And… This “Sitting Still” you speak of? Waaaay overrated.

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