Project Rocking Horse.

I love anything that has to do with D.I.Y.  And I’m excited to finish some projects today.

I found this little rocking horse on “Junk Day”. In the beginning of spring everyone puts out their unwanted furniture etc. and I found a couple of awesome things (Just excuse my dumpster diving tendencies.) I am pretty sure I looked kinda crazy out there in the rain dragging peoples unwanted furniture into my s.u.v. 😉 It was so much fun!!

This rocking horse used to be brown with white twin hair and I just washed it down took the twin out and started painting. Its handles and foot stirrups were broken so I only had to buy some new dowel rods.

this project only cost me 10 dollars.

The first thing the Zoey did when she saw the rocking horse was begin to coo to it.  She loves all animals and even if they are stuffed, made out of wood,  or real. She cuddles and talks to them it is the sweetest thing.


I’m painting it cream with Grey accents. And for the mane and tale I’m going to cut different patterned peices of fabric into strips.

Can’t wait for the finish product.

Project Rocking Horse.

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