Vacation Packing.

Getting ready to go visit the great lakes of Michigan this coming week has been a highlight of this year.
So yesterday night I finished washing every single piece of clothing except the ones me and the littles were wearing and today we started packing. I love getting ready for trips. Putting together outfits for everyone. Maybe it’s because I traveled so much growing up I just enjoy every bit of the preparation.


Two days ago our Poet turned 11 months. I’m so excited to watch her enjoy the lakes and the beaches for the first time. Last time she had a trip to the Michigan beaches she was two months old.
And I know Zoey is just going to absolutely love it. She is our little “fish”. She is terrified of pools but loves the huge Michigan lakes. She is her father’s daughter for sure.

Getting ready for a vacation like this means bringing almost every article of clothing for the girls. (They go through about three or more outfits a day.) What can I say they enjoy life to the fullest and that includes rolling around in the dirt and food.


My must haves for this trip is.
Bug spray from Burts Bees.
(I hear the mosquitoes are really bad in MI this year.)
Baby spray Sunblock from Banana Boat. (The only kind that Poets sensitive skin doesn’t break out when put on.)
A good playlist for the road. Which includes Frozen soundtrack some awesome artist I’ve “found” and narrated books. )
Sunhat and Shades
Maxi dresses.
And last but definitely not least. My camera.
There’s a lot of more items I could name but these are my essentials.
Well I’m going to head back to packing. See you in July.

Vacation Packing.

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