Home again home again.


Our Vacation is over but we brought back so many sweet memories…and some summer colds. We made the 14 hour drive back home in one day! Which if you have a toddler and a infant  you know that’s quite the accomplishment- or at least with us it is. We are so sick of the car!!  but the 40 minute drive to see the grandparents doesn’t seem as long as it used to lol. 😉


Monday was kicked off with a huge headache a horrible summer cold for me. Not the way I was planning to spend my day- so glad that mac and cheese is so easy to make. 😉 That day seemed to drag on forever with Joel gone at work. But when he got home he surprised me with a Vanilla Chai latte from Starbucks.  He’s a keeper. ♡♡♡


So today is our day to unpack our suitcases (yes… We’ve been home for three days and we’re still digging in suitcases to find clothes lol. Such is life.)


I’m so excited to get the house back in order so I can start planning Poets first birthday party.
I have this fun idea in my head and I just hope I can make it come alive. I’m going to go garage sale seeking and thrift store shopping to start finding the things I need. 😉 I love preparing for my girls birthdays.



The lovely thing coming home from vacation is a empty fridge (we always try to not get groceries a week before going so by the time we leave we have nothing that will spoil in it.) So yesterday night after my hubby got groceries I washed out the fridge.  And yes my hubby loves doing the food shopping I’ll give the list of thing we need- he’s pretty awesome. Since shopping with two babies isn’t that easy especially when they don’t have a double cart  that is safe enough in the grocery stores here for a infant- except at Hyvee. But then even then they last maybe 20 minuets sitting in there at the store before having enough.
When we do have to go I make sure to only shop at Hyvee because they have a caribou coffee that sales cookies and smoothies which holds them over a little bit.


Today besides getting the house in order and suitcases unpacked we are going to try food art. 😉 my Toddler has been kind of picky lately with her eating habits and a friend suggested I could make pictures with her food and that it has helped her toddler so we are going to start that adventure today and hopefully it will be a success.  I mean who doesn’t love having your food make pictures. ♡ so here’s to the many cups of coffee I will consume today and the little adventures and tasks we will accomplish. Wishing everyone a lovely day.


27 “I am leaving you with a gift — peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give isn’t like the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” -JESUS.

John 14:27

Home again home again.

2 thoughts on “Home again home again.

  1. Sapling House says:

    Oh, unpacking is the worst! Happy that you had a lovely holiday, they are too far in between here. Let me know how your food art goes – Ginger is super picky and this is not an approach that I would have thought to take! xo

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