I’ve been really seriously thinking on how to start a home business- and I have a lot of inspiration and vision for what I want to do- and I was so giddy about it and then I started looking around and seeing people who just are so amazing at their design work their art and creativity that I started looking at what I had to offer and felt like it was nothing- and what I did create I felt like it wasn’t enough and I could do better- I started feeling like I couldn’t accomplish what was in my head or heart and it felt paralyzing.

“When you compare yourself to another you are comparing your weakness to their strength. You have a gift and even if someone has that same exact talent- no one can give that gift like you can.”

Hearing those words from one of the most inspiring women I love, Alison Faulkner, was so freeing and inspiring- and I just wanted to share that no matter if you’re trying to accomplish a vision that you have for your business or home life, relationship life- anything. Comparison steals all joy and what you have to offer is AMAZING and is a gift worth giving.


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