>> Prioritizing <<


As a SAHM, there is a lot on my list- dishes, laundry, cleaning etc. Not to mention keeping little toddlers busy, and fed… forget clothes, because they take them off as soon as you put them on.
I forget the importance of taking one minute for me. I’d rather stay up late and catch those few favorite shows of mine (which I put in the category of “me time” btw) and sleep those extra hours (because I stayed up late) than getting up early and having time to get dressed and energized for the day ahead of me. To be able to relax and have my coffee, read a book or check my IG, without trying to do all that… plus a hungry little one. To be prepared for my day instead of trying to stay one step ahead of my kids. As much as I love The Mindy Project and the 15 ( not really but there’s a lot lol ) other shows I enjoy- I also love my sanity and sleep. It’s crazy how much easier it is to handle melt downs and messes when I have had a good night sleep and a shower lol.
So my New Years resolution is to prioritize my time.

I’m still going to keep up on my shows 😉 . Just not at the expense of losing too much sleep lol.

How do you like to spend your “Me time”?
And what helps you to function through the day?

>> Prioritizing <<

2 thoughts on “>> Prioritizing <<

  1. to tell you the truth, i usually go to bed at the same time as my daughter does!!! i know, quite shameful… that means that i sometimes sleep for 11hours… and it could sound worse if i tell you that it’s her who wakes me up! but, then there are some night, like tonight, that i rest until midnight (if she doesnt call me before to go to bed with her…), mainly with the computer. my me time. so sometimes i dont have me time… well, i’ve a stay at home husband “thanks” to an accident at work, so we alternate.
    you could try to take advantage of her napping hour…

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