LittleBeansThreads New Year!!

January- this month is full of hopeful and lifestyle changes in some people’s lives. In my life also. It’s a month of possibilities & resolutions. And if you love Instagram as much as I do, you know that January also means GIVEAWAYS!!!!
I have Exciting News to share with you. As some of you already know and for those of you who are just joined my blog, I am the Social Media Manager on Pinterest for Little Bean Threads ( ). A fashionable clothing brand for the modern child. Created by Stephanie Jones. She is “Mama bean” | Lover of life and fashion and loves her coffee.
I have had the awesome opportunity to be apart of her team, blogging and pinning her rad clothing line.
Now for the EXCITING NEWS!!!


Little Bean Threads will be having a GIVEAWAY with Tori Spelling on the Cupcake Mag ( ) on January 7th! Peoples that is only FOUR days away!!! So be sure to follow Little Bean Threads on IG ( ) Site ( ) and Pinterest ( ) to keep up with new designs, giveaways and more.

Love and Light to you and yours- Xx Faith

LittleBeansThreads New Year!!

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