A feeling of sadness washed over me like a strong breeze whisks at your clothes. I stand in disbelief of the memories that came at me pounding, in my head. I become motionless unable to think past the million thoughts. Then suddenly they are gone. Like the sun becomes dazzling bright after heavy shower of rain. And I find myself in wonderment why those memories even pained me. And I bask in the glow of the now. The beauty of my life around me.
Don’t let the hint of unthankfulness creep in your heart, even if it seems harmless because it’s about something so trivial. A small dot of darkness can become a endless abyss. Look around and make a daily habit of saying “I’m thankful for my life because —–“. And when you find yourself surrounded by memories of what seemed to be brighter days. Remember this. Yesterday’s memory of “better days” always ends happily. But the true place you live, even with occasional speed bumps, boasts reassuring reliability. And holds the joy of life. Not what was, or what could’ve been. But what is. Nothing but that is true.


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